Meet Ms. Anette

Ms. Anette has lived in North Tulsa for 61 years where she has witnessed the region’s struggle to preserve a local source of fresh meat and produce. She met AJ, the owner of Oasis, at a backpack drive where she was collecting items for her recently adopted 7 year old daughter. Her arrival at the drive followed her eye surgery earlier that day and her husband’s self-admittance to a mental institution for substance abuse and mental health problems earlier that week. She dreams of a time when she’ll be able to provide for her family without the specters of financial insecurity and impaired health. She wants to see her daughter get married and her grandchildren walk across the stage and say, “I did it, Grandma.” She wants to be able to bring them all to the Gathering Place and play with them in the park without her walker.

The Oasis team was inspired by her story and hope that a $1000 reward will help encourage sustained mental, physical and emotional health for her and her family. With this money, she won’t have to worry about where her family’s next meal is coming from and will be able to ensure the presence of fresh produce at her table.

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