Business Delivery Program

Deliciousness, delivered straight to your desk.

The Oasis Business Delivery program delivers snacks and groceries to your office and supports keeping our grocery delivery program free for our North Tulsa residents.

Keep your team fueled up with a steady supply of snacks

How it works

Our food delivery program is a subscription based service for Tulsa that can be customized to fit your office’s needs.

Complete the form below to let us know that you are interested in getting set up for deliveries to your office. A member of our team will reach out and we will come up with a customized plan made just for you and your needs that will include products, and delivery dates and times.

Find a plan that makes sense for your team

Orders will be placed by your team through our online ordering system, and billed according to what you order.

Neither of these options are quite right? Contact us below and we’ll develop the perfect plan for your team!

Option 01: Bite-size

1 delivery straight to your office each month

Option 02: Snack-size

2 deliveries straight to your office each month

Option 03: The Full Fridge

4 deliveries straight to your office each month

Ready to get started?

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