Meet Miss Angela Walker

Miss Angela Walker is a single mother of 3, who has faced significant challenges in her life. When she was pregnant with her eldest daughter, Courtney, she was in an abusive relationship, which resulted in complications throughout her pregnancy and continuing ailments in Courtney’s life. Although appearing physically like an adolescent, Ms. Walker is 30 years old and unable to walk. She’s undergone 12 large surgeries, including hip surgery, and depends on being fed every 4 hours through a tube. Courtney is susceptible to contagious illnesses, which has led to kidney failure and the necessity of customizing her intestines.This has all impacted Ms. Walker’s ability to sleep well, compounded by her inability to leave her house because of her lack of transportation.

Her children believe Miss Walker has a servant heart, evidenced by the way she overlooks her own needs, and the Oasis team wanted to give back in any way possible. With this $1000 reward, we hope to ease her financial burden and allow her to continue to serve her family through the great parties, complete with good cooking, that she loves to host.

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